Enjoy some of our pictures from Bear Creek Farm!

We love to take pictures and show the farm and what we do here.

Bear Creek going through our pasture.

Fresh strawberries!

Planting strawberries -always a family activity.

The sign that our season is under way!

Our first red head.  We think it was the strawberries!

Planting again.

Strawberries in blossom.

Freshly picked.

Covering the berries in the Fall.

Young picker.  Families are always welcome!

A handful of deliciousness!

We reserve the right to weigh children before and after picking!  Not really -- enjoy!

Ready to freeze.

Not the kind of strawberry freezing we are looking for -- devastating first year.

Easy picking.

We raise these too!  Usually giving some away around strawberry season.

Young asparagus.

More asparagus pushing out of the ground.

Building site, garden, and some of the fields.

Bear Creek going through our pasture with some field in the background.

On the chopping block.

Calf and baby.

Aronia berries -- planted 2019 for a future crop.

Chicken eggs.


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